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The Lamborghini Urus is here!

Updated: Feb 26, 2018

Exquisite design. stunning performance.

When I first saw pictures of the Urus, I didn't like it. It was boxy and yellow, or "Giallo Auge" as Lamborghini calls it, and kinda looked like a lego truck, haha. But, after seeing more pics and video, I started to like it. Maybe even love it. It's design is truly unparalleled and it sounds incredible. I've never been much of a SUV fan, rather preferring fast, sporty coupes and sedans, however, with the Urus, Lamborghini has won me over.

Alessandro Farmeschi, Lamborghini chief and head of North America, calls it a "super sport utility vehicle." With a 650 HP twin-turbo V8, a top speed of 190 and a zero-62 mph in 3.2 seconds, I'll have to agree. With the spacious interior and cargo space and impressive power, the Urus would make a fun daily driver for anyone willing to write the $200K check. Time to head over to Lamborghini Broward to see this beast up close! - Kevin

“Currently, Lamborghini plans to build 1,000 Urus SUVs this year, with expectations of ramping up production to 3,500 vehicles by 2019. This means that there will be intense demand for the Urus from those who wish to be the first to own this historic vehicle."

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